Richard Byers

Richard Byers

Head of Green Business, Skanska


Richard Byers, Head of Skanska Green Business at Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil will join our panel of experts at the upcoming “Energy Performance Contracting” evening event on 16th July. Energy performance contracting is becoming an increasingly recognised solution to the challenges faced by public and private sector organisations in reducing their energy costs and achieving carbon targets. Moreover, these mechanisms introduce the necessary expertise, resource and capital funding by external means, while guaranteeing energy savings across a given period of time.

With the establishment of the RE:FIT framework in 2010, over 440 public sector buildings across 31 of the 33 London Boroughs, 25 NHS Organisations and 141 other organisations have been retrofitted under numerous Energy Performance Contracts.

However, these tools involve inherent mismatched incentives from the clients, to the contractors as well as incumbent facilities managers. The contracts are extremely complex for relatively low capital values and carry high risk for the contract providers.

Our panel will discuss the merits and opportunities of Energy Performance Contracts against the challenges they pose and their potential use as mechanisms for organisations to mitigate their own risk.

Richard has been Head of Skanska Green Business, delivering Energy performance contracts across all sectors, since its inception within Skanska in 2011/12.

Skanska are now positioned on all available Public frameworks and are delivering EPC projects with current guaranteed savings of over £2.5m per annum, including the integration of an EPC within an existing PFI concession.

In his 14 years with Skanska, he has taken responsibility for the Energy/BREEAM/ and Environmental solutions on all of Skanska’s school designs. He was the main driver behind Skanska’s first bio-mass installations on all 4 Bristol BSF (Building school for the future)PFI schools 2007-09.

In 2010/11 Richard had a pivotal role with the EUCLG (European Union Corporate Leaders Group) in the development of the new EU wide Atlas carbon reduction toolkit for schools.

He is the proud winner of the Skanska UK Green Hard Hat for 2011 and Skanska UK Market Maker awards 2013 & 2014– much coveted awards within the business that achieved the Sunday Times best Green Company award for 2011.”


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