Ralph Scrivens

ralph scriven

Publisher / Editor, Public Sector Sustainability Magazine


Abbey Publishing are publishers of Sustainable FM (Facilities Management) magazine. Sustainable FM acts as a source of facts, opinions, reports, case studies and product news that enables organisations to form sustainable and credible environmental management systems or enhance those that already exist. The magazine achieves this via a specific yet diverse editorial policy. Specific in as much as it concentrates on the reduction of – and the eventual elimination of – the use of non-renewable natural resources within the workplace and the built environment. A broad diversity of subject matter is covered: Legislation; Waste Management and Recycling; Renewable Energy Sources; S-Procurement; Sustainable Building Practice; Office Supplies and Equipment; Health and Safety; Building Materials & Equipment; Training and Education. All of these areas are visited via news stories, product related features, expert opinions, interviews and case studies, building a reference of such capacity that the magazine becomes the definitive source of information for any organisation looking to improve it’s sustainable and environmental credentials. The magazine is free of charge for the digital version which can be accessed on our website www.abbeypublishing.co.uk


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