Rajvant Nijjhar

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Director, iVEES


Rajvant is an M&V specialist, with over 15 years experience in energy and sustainability, building services, and the construction and water industry. She is the Principal at iVEES |  Independent Verifiers of Energy Efficiency Savings, a consultancy dedicated to providing measurement and verification (M&V) services for  the private and public sector.

Rajvant is the UK’s  Level 3 CMVP trainer and is on the International CMVP Board member – a joint Board between the AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) and EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organisation).

Rajvant is also the UK Representative for BSI, working on International Standards development. She has been instrumental in the development of ISO 500015 ”M&V of Organizations”, ISO 17741 ”M&V of Projects”, ISO 50006 ”Energy Baselines and EnPIs”  (titles shortened).


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