Nicky Maclaurin


Energy Manager, Vodafone


Having started her career in the food and beverage industry, Nicky transitioned into the energy realm in 2005. Nicky has accumulated a variety of experience within the sector, from electrical design and project management of power connection projects, through to energy bureau and consultancy. Nicky often engages in senior level strategy, specialising in energy procurement, risk management, third party cost analysis and EMR policy. She holds a master’s degree in project management, is NEBOSH and PRINCE2 qualified, is an ISO50001 lead auditor and internal ISO14001 & ISO9001 auditor, having also been heavily involved in implementation of these management systems in the past.

Originally born in South Africa, Nicky has a natural affiliation for wildlife and the outdoors. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the British Countryside, with the occasional antique hunt around car boots and canoeing down the Wye River.



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