Mike Garland

mike garland

Technical Manager (Battery Solutions), E.ON SE


Mike has recently started a new role within E.ON to commercialize battery solutions for E.ON’s Industrial & Commercial customers across Europe. Prior to this he worked as an Energy Systems Engineer for E.ON’s Technology & Innovation Function, where since 2012 he has developed and managed a range of pre-commercial demonstration projects with both Grid and I&C scale battery systems in Germany and the UK. As part of his work he works closely with  E.ON Connecting Energies which in addition to providing Energy Efficiency and Onsite Generation solutions has developed and deployed E.ON’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP).  The VPP business works with customers to optimise and monetise the value of their electrical consumption or production flexibility.  This exciting business empowers E.ON’s customers to participate in UK Demand Side Response value pools to reduce their net energy expenditure.

Mike holds a Master’s degree and PhD in Industrial chemistry from the Universities of Newcastle and Bristol respectively.  Prior to his current roles, Mike joined E.ON on their Engineering Graduate Program where he completed a range of different placements within the business.



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