Mark Colyer


Managing Director, ScanTherm


Mark Colyer runs ScanTherm, a building thermography consultancy based in Tonbridge, Kent.  Mark was previously also a Director of Infrared Building Solutions Ltd which provided training in the use of thermal imaging as a building diagnostic tool across Europe.

 Mark first used thermal imaging in the late 1980s whilst developing new research and development methods in Germany for the automotive industry and holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA.  In recent years Mark has focused solely on the growing market demand for applied thermography in buildings and construction. He has wide experience of leading thermographic surveys in the UK and in Europe on almost every type of public and private sector building, including thermographic assessments in support of BREEAM.

 ScanTherm provides non-invasive diagnostic surveys as well as applied thermography training and CPD for a wide range of public and private sector clients and also for professional bodies such as RIBA and RICS. 


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