2016 Show Guide Media Kit


The EMEX show-guide will be distributed free of charge to all visitors to the event. Hard copies will also be distributed to EMA members at subsequent EMA meetings. The show-guide will also be distributed in page turner link or pdf form to:

  • EMA Members
  • Previous EMEX registered visitors
  • EMEX own database of over 30,000 Energy and Facility Managers
  • Visitors to the EMEX and websites
  • With the EMEX newsletter


The EMEX show-guide will be a high value information source.

In addition to the expected exhibitor listings, floor plan and seminar timetables it will carry editorial addressing a number of key areas relevant to energy managers and reflecting the seminar content at the show. This will also be pooled from our most popular case studies and newsletter articles throughout the year.

Price list

Enhanced company listing (incl. 100 word company profile and company logo with enhanced display in the Show Guide, Show App and Website)
Full page £1,200
Half page £750
DPS £2,000
Inside front cover page £1,800
Inside back cover page £1,800
inside cover DPS £2,500
Outside back cover £2,200


Specifications  (Width x height)

DPS full bleed 346mm x 246mm
DPS trimmed 340mm x 240mm
DPS type area 330mm x 230mm
Full page bleed 176mm x 246mm
Full page trimmed 170mm x 240mm
Full page type area 160mm x 230mm
1/2 page horizontal 160mm x 115mm
1/4 page standard 77mm x 115mm


Deadline: October 26th


2015 Show Guide

Download in PDF