The need for water treatment and how to measure the benefits

Time: 15:30 - 15:45

Date: Day 2 - 12th November 2015

Theatre: Energy Management Solutions

Water Treatment appears to have nobody championing the benefits of it, for example The Carbon Trust has just one document (CTV008) advising on a need to annually chemical descale hot water calorifiers, with no mention of prevention.  Yet the same document states “A 1mm layer of limescale will cause a 7% increase in energy input to the boiler to meet the same heat demand”.  As 3mm can form on a heat exchange surface in just 3 months, why does prevention by utilising water treatment get no priority. Reason? Dealing with it chemically would result in creating even greater issues, especially for the water and wastewater utilities. However over recent years non-chemical treatment has shown to be both effective and affordable. This presentation offers proven and simple ways of measuring the benefits of using electronic water conditioning to actually remove existing limescale deposits and quantify resultant changes in water heating and cooling system performance.

The need for water treatment and how to measure the benefits from EMEX


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