People power: 5 ways to engage occupiers and employees in energy efficiency

Time: 14:30 - 15:00

Date: Day 2 - 12th November 2015

Theatre: Energy Use in the Built Environment

• Hear from The Planet Mark property sustainability specialists on the five practical steps to successfully engaging occupiers and employees to drive      up energy efficiency

• A practical presentation aimed at any professional in the property industry – whether owner, manager, supplier or auditor

• Brought to life by an in-person case study from a Planet Mark-certified business

People power: 5 ways to engage occupiers and employees in energy efficiency from EMEX

The pressure is on to make buildings perform better. ESOS has landed, MEES is coming. For those in the property industry, every new acronym spells out the need for energy efficiency. But for the vast majority of people who are simply ‘in a property’, the acronyms are meaningless and only add to the lack of personal engagement in driving down energy consumption, let alone waste, water and carbon emissions. According to the Energy Managers Association (EMA) up to 40 per cent of a building’s energy efficiency can be improved by behaviour change. And much of that can be achieved with quick wins and with ultra-low capital investment. No wonder then that ‘engagement’ is such a hot topic.

This presentation will draw upon the learnings from The Planet Mark certification programme, which is achieving average cost savings of £100/person per year through energy and carbon reduction in businesses across the UK. The certification taps into the knowledge, skills and passion of employees and provides them with the tools to drive their own sustainability programmes.

Planet First will be joined by a Planet Mark certified business, which will give a first hand perspective of the challenges, opportunities and business benefits of their behaviour change programme. Attendees can register to receive a free employee/occupier survey for their own business, courtesy of Planet First. The Personal Sustainability Survey is one of the first steps in setting up a team of Sustainability Champions to drive an energy efficiency programme.


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