M&V – the latest advances in the UK

Time: 15:10 - 15:40

Date: Day 2 - 12th November 2015

Theatre: Energy Use in the Built Environment

The latest in M&V techniques to de-risk Energy Performance Contracting will be discussed in this presentation. The focus will be about learning from best practice including latest UK Market – which is moving towards including independent valuation of energy savings verification in energy performance contracting. The role of independence will also be discussed in light of new Standards and existing Protocols.

Session Take Away

  • Where the UK Market is going in terms of M&V
  • Latest M&V Standards
  • The role of independence and what does it mean
  • Improving the credibility of energy savings for clients and ESCOs

Intended Audience

ESCO, Energy Performance Contracting, M&V, Energy Managers, RE:FIT


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