Lessons from RE:FIT – a public sector Energy Performance Contract Framework Programme

Time: 13:10 - 13:40

Date: Day 2 - 12th November 2015

Theatre: Utilities & Energy Services

This session will provide you with a brief introduction to RE:FIT and the Energy Performance Contracting approach for the public sector and will present lessons and experiences of Energy Performance Contracting at Kew Gardens and DECC.

The session aims to give you the main learnings from RE:FIT from 2011-2015 and how best to use a EPC for the UK public sector.

Lessons from RE:FIT – a public sector Energy Performance Contract Framework Programme from EMEX

“Given DECC’s previous success, finding further carbon was always going to be challenging. The RE:FIT programme brought fresh ideas to this challenge and the support of the RE:FIT Programme Delivery Unit was very helpful” Karen Dell, Head of Sustainability, DECC.

Session Take Away

  1. Familiarisation / understanding of an Energy Performance Contracting approach (using RE:FIT as an example) for the UK public sector and key elements of the approach
  2. The costs & benefits and risks (pros and cons) of the EPC approach; what to look out for when looking at EPC options
  3. Live experience from two clients who have used RE:FIT / Energy Performance Contracting to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings (Kew Gardens and DECC, both Listed or UNESCO World Heritage sites)
  4. Key lessons from delivering RE:FIT from 2011-2015
  5. Summary

Intended Audience

Finance Managers, Estates & Facilities Managers, Energy Managers



  • tomparrotTom Parrot Energy Manager - Kingston University
  • Karen DellKaren Dell Senior Sustainability Manager - Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • tristan oliverTristan Oliver Technical & Delivery Lead - Mayor of London's RE:FIT Programme


  • robspenderRob Spender RE:FIT Programme Director - Greater London Authority

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