ISO 14001 – A new standard for a new era

Time: 10:30 - 11:00

Date: Day 1 - 11th November 2015

Theatre: Energy Use in the Built Environment

ISO 14001 is the second biggest selling standard in the world and has over 17,000 certifications in the UK and over 300,000 worldwide. ISO 14001 is undergoing it’s first major revision since it’s initial publication in 1996 to bring the standard up to date and make it useful for the next 15 years. it will also contain a new high level text to be used by all management systems standards. The standard is due to publish in September 2015, after three years of work by international experts.

ISO 14001 is used widely in the UK and an essential part of it’s environmental aspects is energy. This presentation will be one of the first post-publication presentations and will introduce and explain the new changes to this hugely popular standard and what it means for business – especially SMEs.

The presenter has been part of the working group creating this new standard and has a unique insight into the new ISO 14001.

Session take aways:

  • Why it was revised?
  • What the changes are?
  • What this means for business?

Target audience:

Environmental, energy, operations and facilities managers. CEOs and MDs.


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