EnPC – Successful Deployment in Local Government

Time: 15:10 - 15:40

Date: Day 2 - 12th November 2015

Theatre: Utilities & Energy Services

Utilising the OJEU compliant Framework procured by Peterborough City council, they have successfully deployed now a number of EnPC contracts with Honeywell. In this session, the Corporate Director of Resources – John Harrison, supported by Honeywell, will demonstrate how he has transformed this into a new source of funds for the Council (PCC are realising new funds of up to £4.5M) and how the Framework is available to all other Local Authorities, allowing them a fast and simple access to realise the same benefits.

EnPC – Successful Deployment in Local Government from EMEX

Session Take Away

  1. Greater Understanding of benefits of EnPC.
  2. Case Study of savings realised using EnPC in the UK in a local authority context.
  3. Lessons learnt from the projects and how to access the Framework.

Intended Audience

Local Authority and Registered Social Landlord employees, officers and directors.

Blue Sky Peterborough

Peterborough City Council – Saving through energy

‘Blue Sky Peterborough’ is a ground breaking project which will define the blueprint for sustainable energy management in a smart city environment.



  • JH photo - Sunday 10th MarchJohn Harrison Corporate Director, Resources - Peterborough Council

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