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A leading manufacturer of power and distribution transformers, we provide energy efficient and economical power distribution solutions with particular knowledge in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and renewable sectors.

Our Wilson e2 amorphous transformers already exceed TIER 2 EU Eco design regulations for transformers scheduled to come into force in July 2021.

In addition the Wilson e2 comes with an extended tapping range making it a smart and cost effective voltage management solution for sites with MV supply. Wilson e2 transformers can safe up to £100,000 in energy costs over the lifetime of the units making it one of the best infrastructure decisions you could make for your site(s).

We are a family owned business and are based in Leeds. Our customers include ASDA, NHS, Natural History Museum, Tesco, United Biscuits and Unilever.

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Day 1 - 11th November 2015 - 16:05 - 16:20
Energy Management Solutions

Uncovered – The dark art of power distribution, transformers, voltage management and optimisation


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