STC Energy

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Company Profile

STC Energy are a specialist energy management consultancy and a leading provider of bureau services in UK. Since 2005, STC have recovered over £132m worth of utility billing errors for their clients, whilst maintaining a very high degree of customer satisfaction.

STC are also a significant utilities broker, with a current trading volume of 6 TWh, and have strong relationships with all major suppliers. They are at the forefront of energy and carbon compliance, and have comprehensive provisions to allow organisations to monitor, benchmark and reduce their energy consumption.

Our product portfolio consists of:

  • Bureau, bill validation and M&T services
  • Utility data management
  • Online energy reporting
  • Utility budgeting and accruals
  • Energy fixed and flexible procurement
  • Risk management services
  • Market intelligence reporting
  • CRC, ESOS and GHG compliance services
  • Energy and carbon surveys and auditing
  • Energy software development
  • Smartmetering/AMR installations
  • New meter connections and site works

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