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MeasureMyEnergy: showing you when and where you spend money on energy.

You wouldn’t accept an un-itemised invoice from your suppliers – so why do you accept it from your energy provider?

The award winning MeasureMyEnergy cloud based Global Energy Management portal allows you to see in detail - like an itemised bill – when and where you are spending money on energy in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions and savings, immediately.

We don’t tell you what you already know - we tell you what you should know.

MeasureMyEnergy allows you to see an exact breakdown, in pounds and pence, of when and where your energy is being consumed. At building or floor level, but specifically circuit or appliance level. In real time. Recording data faster than any other energy monitoring company, every six seconds, means you never miss a thing.

Anyone can meter the mains power, water or oil. But we do it differently. We can show you the energy usage for every utility, at every minute of the day. And back to the first second you started the service.

We measure both electricity consumption and generation including Solar PV, Wind and Hydro - and we can pretty much guarantee that we give more detail than anyone else in the industry.

Come along and see how we can show you when and where you spend money on energy - we'll be at Stand E20. 


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