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Company Profile

Kelda Water Services Retail (KWSR) is a subsidiary of the Kelda Group, who are the owners of Yorkshire Water, and Loop their award winning billing and customer contact center.

KWSR was established in response to a growing need amongst business customers facing increasing pressures on their use and disposal of water/waste water, increased environmental legislation and the need to maintain complex water systems.

Drawing on over 10 years service delivery experience across both the Public and Private sectors, KWSR have developed a range of innovative and market leading solutions that add real value to your business while also addressing the issues of sustainability and efficiency.

Our primary objective is to allow you to focus on your core business activities, while KWSR work with you designing and delivering solutions across the following areas:

• Environmental compliance
• Licenced water retailer in England and Scotland
• Operation and maintenance of existing water/waste water treatment facilities
• Design, build and even financing of new water/waste water treatment facilities
• 24hr Emergency incident helpline and response service
• Borehole management
• Water/waste water Infrastructure management
• Wide range of leakage detection and repair services
• Utility mapping
• Sewer surveys and jetting
• Billing services including analysis, bill consolidation of multi-sites, Multi site tariff consolidation
• Flow monitoring
• Leakage and efficiency audits
• Renewable Energy generation for both standalone or existing projects
• Water Efficiency


Water efficiency, environmental compliance, operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities, leakage services, water billing, water flow monitoring, borehole management, sewer surveys and jetting, utility mapping, renewable energy generation.

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