Exhibitor Marketing

A very warm thank you from the team for becoming part of the event.

Here are the tools and information to make the most of your participation at the show.

We have now set up your Exhibitor Registration Portal which empowers you

1.    To invite your clients/partners and track their registration. People want to feel special. We don’t like to be ‘sold to’, but we do love an invitation!
So the most important promotional activity is to send an invite. Our service provides you with a personal referral registration link you can share with all your colleagues to invite your prospects, clients and partners; to track respondents; and to further engage with them before, during and after the show. Please find your default referral link or set a new one by connecting to your Registration Portal using your login details we sent you by email.

2.    To register your staff. Our service also includes a module dedicated to register your personnel coming at the show – Click “EXHIBITIOR PERSONNEL” – top left hand corner – to register your colleagues and send them their printable e-badges, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Start to register your team  and send invitations using your referral link by connecting to your Registration Portal using your login details you should have received by email – If not or if you can’t find the email, please contact us.

Make some noise with us!

Download EMEX banner for your invites, email footer, newsletter and website
Don’t forget to hyperlink them using your personal referral registration link.

Follow us on Twitter @emexlondon and use #emexlondon. In return, the EMEX team will follow you and re-tweet your messages!

For all the latest news and updates about the show please visit www.emexlondon.com

Exhibitor Manual and other operational considerations will be communicated to you in a separate email due course next week.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions that you want to share with us.

Kind regards

The EMEX London team