EMEX Speaker Application Guidelines

IMG_45991The SPEAKER APPLICATION FORM will ask for the following information:

1. Applicant Information
Please provide full contact details to the main point of contact.

2. Title and short description of your proposed presentation
This needs to stand-alone as well as with the session description, so keep it concise and relevant so delegates can easily understand what this session is about.

3. Tracks and related topic(s)
You need to decide in which area of expertise your session sits best – select one of the 4 tracks listed:

  1. Energy Management as a Profession.
    Training | Career Development | Best Practise
  2. Utilities and Energy Services.
    TPIs | EnPC | Water Competition Market
  3. Energy Use in the Built Environment.
    Role of Facility Managers | ESOS | Auditing | M&V
  4. Energy Management Solutions.
    Innovation | Technology | Green IT | Data

4. Intended Audience
Exactly who would benefit from attending this session – you can use job titles or specialist areas of responsibility or roles. Is there any prerequisite knowledge needed for understanding the content of this session?

5. Session Take Away
Exactly what will delegates learn in your session – please list as separate points.

6. Speaker bio, headshot and company logo
Please provide information about the speaker. You can provide these information via a web link where this info is hosted or upload this information.

Please Note:

At the end of every session, delegates are asked to evaluate it, these are the criteria by which you will be rated:

Quality of the speakers’ delivery and presentation skills.
Relevance of content to the audience and speaker’s knowledge of the topic.
Whether the session met expectations – did it match the publicised session description?
Quality of visual aids.
Would they recommend this session to a colleague?



Q: What is the submission deadline?

The EMEX Call for Speakers deadline is 1 July 2016.

Q: What makes a good submission?

Be very clear exactly what you are going to talk about, make it appealing.
Be clear who your talk is aimed at.
Explain what is compelling about your talk.
Give clear take-away for attendees, bullets work well for this.
The best session titles are the ones that clearly and succinctly summarise the talk (on the at a glance schedule this is the only info immediately visible).

Q: What is considered a sponsored session?
We do not accept sales related submissions. If your talk is an advertisement for a new product, technology or service your company is offering, please contact us to find out exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities available at EMEX.

Q: What do I need to provide in my submission?
The Submission Form will ask for the following information:

  1. Applicant Details.
  2. Title, short description and format of your proposed presentation.
  3. Track and related topic(s).
  4. Intended Audience.
  5. Session Take Away.
  6. Speaker details including bio, headshot and company logo.

Q: What are the benefits of speaking?
The benefits of being a speaker include:

  • Your name and presentation featured in pre-event promotion, on our website and event App.
  • EMEX seminar programme is free to attend. This your chance to present and connect to hundreds of energy users that will attend your session.
  • Opportunities for press interviews.

Q: When will I be notified of the status of my submission?

You will receive an automated email confirming that your submission has been received. We will let everyone know whether they have been successful by week commencing 1 September 2016.


If you have any questions about your submission please contact Edita at the EMA