Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC) is a zero risk method of delivering energy efficiency improvements. It requires no capital expenditure from the customer since funding is paid from guaranteed energy savings.

Financial benefits

  • No Capex required and guaranteed positive cash flow
  • Reduced energy and operational costs
  • Reduced energy demand charges
  • Future proof your facility and reduce impact on future rising energy prices
  • Fast tracking of projects reduces cost of delay
  • Tax incentive – certain parts of the project may be claimable under Enhanced Capital Allowance
  • Reduce energy costs between 10% and 40% (depending on each facility)

Typical positive cash flow over a 10 year lifecycle and medium term EnPC

Other benefits

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve environmental stewardship
  • Speed up energy efficiency programme
  • Avoid delays since no budget approval required
  • Meet customers sustainability expectations of the supply chain
  • Less energy demand means more spare capacity for future expansions
  • Replace ageing equipment with new and reduce maintenance
  • Reduced plant downtime through critical system monitoring

Reduce risk

Energy Services Companies often claim aggressive savings to ensure a sale and without a financial guarantee. Often savings can not be verified.  Traditional contractors only offer 12 month defect liability and there is no savings guarantee. Besides, most energy efficiency improvements have a degrading cycle and need fine-tuning. The risk is all with you.


Because the outcome is linked to actual savings there are no shortcuts on specifications and quality. The risk is with us.

We guarantee a fixed amount of saving and we take all the risks. If the savings fall short we pay the gap. If we exceed the saving we share it with you 50/50.

Savings are verified by independent Measurement and Verification

Actual savings are verified by an independent and accredited M&V consultant and based on the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). An Energy Baseline is established before work commences and savings are reconciled on an annual basis.


Innovation is a key element of projects under energy performance guarantee. Continuous improvement is part of the outcome.

How is the work financed?

The funding for the capital expenditure could come from Aurora Australis, from your own finance or via a third party finance provider. Innovative energy efficiency insurance can provide additional credibility for the project outcome.

Flexible contracts – start with essentials and upgrade later

The service agreement can start with essentials like sub-metering and automatic metering and targeting, real time energy software, optimisation phase, fine tuning and re-commissioning, essential repairs, infrared, ultrasound and compressed air surveys and repairs, BMS modifications, boiler modifications, behaviour change and staff training programmes, on-going support and corrections.

Upgrade the service agreement and add LED lighting and lighting controls, Automatic tenancy billing, dashboards, Variable Speed Drives, BMS upgrades, Integration of all building services, HVAC upgrades, Window Films, Destratification Fans, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation, CHP and Heat Pumps, Renewables…….

We select and work with approved Technology Partners who specialize in energy efficiency and we project manage all the work ensuring a guaranteed outcome.

The package can include all type of energy – electricity, gas and water.

The service continues for the service agreement period with automatic metering and targeting, corrective actions and on-going reporting and verifications.

Typical solution delivery