Free Consultation on How P272 Will Affect Your Organisation

P272 Explained

P272 is a mandatory Half-Hourly settlement for profile classes 05, 06, 07 and 08 – currently classed as Non Half-Hourly. Any Profile Class 05-08 supply contracts up for renewal after P272 commencement must be migrated to HH Settlement within 45 days of renewal. Also, any customers with contracts due to expire on or after 1st April 2017 will be migrated mid-contract.

As a result, all sites with a meter profile of 05-08 must have appointed a Meter Operator (MOP) to maintain the meter, and a Data Collector (DC) to collect and process the consumption data going through the meter.

Important Dates

  • The migration to the HH settlement will commence on 5th of November 2015
  • The project must be completed by 1st of April 2017

What Are Your Options
Since MOP will become a requirement for all your meters, you have two options:

  • Accept the MOP contract that your supplier suggests
  • Let an energy consultant negotiate the best MOP contract for your sites

Free Consultation at EMEX, Stand F3
STC Energy are exhibiting at EMEX, stand F3. We have 8 slots available for a 30 minutes free consultation with one of our senior energy consultants. Bring along your questions and a list of your 05-08 profile class meters.

Our consultant will discuss with you the impact and cost on your business and give you a FREE Quote for STC’s service to manage the HH Settlement on your behalf and negotiate the best MOP contract for your meters.

To book your consultation call 0208 466 2915 or send an email to with the title “EMEX P272 Consultation” and we will send you a list of the available slots.

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