Industry unites to boost energy efficiency

The Energy Managers Association (EMA) launched the first annual Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) to address the UK’s energy efficiency crisis head on. With fuel prices set to rise rapidly over the next five years and an urgent need to increase the UK’s energy capacity, the exhibition ensures those responsible for managing energy can reduce the energy they need and source the best value energy possible.

The free to attend event at ExCel London, featuring leading expert speakers and exhibitors from across the energy industry, also sees the launch of the flagship Low Energy Company (LEC) initiative, founded by the EMA and run in partnership with Energy & Utility Skills Ltd (EU Skills). The LEC initiative aims to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency by embedding energy efficiency training within organisations’ working practices. LEC training will equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to reduce their personal energy consumption in the workplace.

Launching the exhibition, Lord Rupert Redesdale, CEO of the Energy Managers Association, said:
“Reducing energy demand is critical to reducing energy costs. EMEX will proudly show that improving energy efficiency is the way to make energy costs affordable.

“Our vision is for ethical, low energy principles to become the norm within UK businesses, and for every individual to see themselves as both an energy consumer and an energy manager. By working together at events such as EMEX, our industries can improve understanding of how energy can be used to make this vision a reality. We look forward to hearing our delegates’ ideas for inspiring the UK into action on this issue.”

Neil Robertson, Chief Executive of EU Skills, said:
“We know our members are at the forefront of energy management best practice, so we’re delighted to be partnering with the EMA on the innovative LEC initiative. As the UK authority on professional development and employment in the energy and utility industries, we believe we’re ideally placed to deliver the LEC provider and course approval, as well as the registration elements of the initiative, and help unite the energy industry behind this issue.”

The wide-ranging EMEX event programme covers many other important areas of energy management. A new awareness campaign, One+One, is launching to explain the implications of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and highlight the associated cost saving opportunities for businesses. The Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM), Red Kite Energy and Vivark are also presenting a paper on the procurement and servicing of boilers in the social housing sector, to help cut fuel poverty and improve gas safety.

Other key topics being debated include best practice in energy and service performance contracting (EnPC), energy efficiency technology and ESOS reporting software. The winners and runners up in the Public Sector Sustainability Awards will also be announced and the Energy Efficiency Trailblazer Apprenticeship will be introduced.