EMA initiatives to be launched at EMEX

To-Approach-Change-Differen1. The EMA will launch a report with AGSM and a number of Housing Associations titled, “A Half Billion Reasons to Change the Way Boilers are Serviced in Social Housing.” The report explains how the inefficient procurement and servicing of gas boilers in public housing wastes £0.5billion over 5years. It will detail how the UK can remove this inefficiency, helping to lessen the effects of both fuel poverty and of damaging carbon emissions.

2. The EMA is to launch the Energy Efficiency Apprenticeship (EEA) at EMEX. The EEA exists within the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’ Trailblazer framework. Ten leading British businesses have already pledged to trial the programme internally.

3. The EMA and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply have come together to develop a training solution for the procurement industry. It teaches candidates to embed ethical, low energy principles in all buying and sourcing decisions. The first intake to complete the course will receive their certificates at EMEX.

4. By the time EMEX opens it doors in November, organisations will have ONE month to ascertain whether they are affected by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and a further ONE-year to carry out an assessment. ONE + ONE is an information campaign aimed at educating as many of the approximately 10,000 organisations affected about their legal obligations. In addition, just as importantly, it explains potential energy savings opportunities.

5. In furtherance of the campaign above, the EMA and Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) will launch an ESOS software platform at the event. The platform has been designed to simplify the task facing a Lead Assessor by providing an ESOS compliant reporting tool for optimising the management of an organisation’s data. Furthermore the software package contains analytical tools that priorities’ recommendations.

6. The EMA and Data Centre Alliance will announces details of their joint energy management training course for IT professionals. Energy consumption in datacentres and IT accounts for almost 10% of the UK’s consumption today. It’s time the nation begins to tackle this problem.

7. The EMA’s Voltage Optimisation Industry Council for Excellence grouping will help bring order to the divisive voltage optimisation sector through its ‘Buyers’ Guide’ to be presented and launched at EMEX.

make things happen8. The EMA is bringing the efficiency gospel to the energy managers of tomorrow. At EMEX it will present the results of the Schools Course pilot based at Highgate Schools and present a roadmap for its national rollout.

9. The EMA is at the latter stages of developing the Energy Efficiency Good Practice Guide for Boards. It will be educate Boards and senior managers on how to ask the right questions around the amount of energy consumed within the organisation; what energy efficiencies are in place and how to prioritise and value improvements.

10. The EMA’s Low Energy Companies standard is the guarantee that a certified organisation has committed to the energy management practices and encourages those in its supply chain to do the same. LEC Standards for 2015 Bronze, Silver and Gold with be announced at EMEX. The scheme is run in in association with the Energy and Utility Skill Council and the LEC Audit Company.

11. Take a unique opportunity to pose questions to representatives from the DECC.

12. At 3pm on the 19th November, the Public Sector Sustainability awards highlighting best sustainable and energy efficient practices throughout the public sector include entries from public sector facility, sustainability and energy managers. For more information go to www.pssmagazine.co.uk/pss-awards

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