Basic Energy Management Training reaps rewards

The University of the Arts London (UAL) recently saw six of their Facilities Managers receive their EMA Level I Energy Management Certificates from Lord Redesdale, the EMA chairman at the House of Lords. The six were part of a group of 90 Facilities Managers and Assistants who successfully completed our on-line Level I Energy Management course over the past few months.

As a result of this success, UAL’s Facilities Management Department has been awarded Low Energy Company (LEC) status by the EMA. LEC status lets UAL demonstrate its continuing commitment to energy reduction to staff, students and suppliers.

In a move led by the Facilities Assistants, the department recently held its first Energy Reduction meeting with representatives from all of UAL’s 14 sites, resulting in a number of initiatives which have already reduced electricity consumption by as much as 15% in some areas.

Simon Francis, Senior Facilities Manager of UAL’s Estates Department said;

“We’ve managed to make some early wins just by doing simple things like rewriting some of the site manual procedures to enable Facilities Assistants to be more assertive in reducing energy on their sites”.

The department plans to hold Energy Reduction meetings quarterly and to encourage the FAs to undertake further energy management training to keep the energy saving conversation ongoing.

When Chris Allen asked Simon what his staff thought of the GAIA on-line course, he said;

“Normally staff groan when they’re told that they have to take a course, but this one was surprisingly popular!” (The cheque’s in the post Simon!)

If you are interested in finding out how your organisation (or department) could get LEC status contact us.