The Home Office has secured savings of £1.25 million over three years



The Home Office is the government department responsible for immigration control, security, and order. In line with
all government departments, it has come under pressure both to cut costs and meet the coalition’s target to reduce emissions from government buildings. The Home Office set BMSI and Amey the challenge of reducing energy within the UK Border Agency and Probation office.

The Home Office entered into a three-year Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with BMSI and Amey. The partnership operated on a payment by results basis. Payment is only made once the energy savings have been verified. This is the first time that central government has taken this innovative but low-risk approach to its energy management.

Lessons & Results

In the three years the partnership achieved a cash saving of £1.25m which has contributed to an overall saving of £1 million across the entire department. The resulting 17% reduction in emissions exceeds the Government’s average reduction of 14%.

Creating a long-term partnership

BMSI is a strong advocate for long-term partnerships. We dedicate significant time to analyse your energy estate to determine seasonal and peak requirements as well as the efficiency of existing equipment. Familiarisation with your building systems and equipment allows us to model their optimisation as well as identify and remedy areas of energy loss.

We propose implementing appropriate technologies and solutions for your specific requirements. We develop
an implementation plan that will deliver the desired energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions within set timescales and payback criteria.

BMSI takes the risk for the investment it makes in energy management and technology since it is only paid once the savings have been measured and verified. We can accept this risk based on our track record in achieving energy savings and the best part of the partnership is that everyone benefits when we over-perform.

Additional benefits of the partnership

  1. Changing Behaviours
    BMSI has established a central energy bureau and has also set up energy monitors within buildings to engage building occupiers and Home Office staff. The workforce will be able to see its own consumption which should gain everyone’s commitment to reduce.
  2. Project Funding
    BMSI & Amey have provided the funding for the Home Office to implement the comprehensive energy plan with little exposure to risk.


“In the current economic climate we all need to find ways of working more smartly. This contract is delivering real savings for the taxpayer while helping to protect the environment.” Helen Kilpatrick, Home Office Commercial and Financial Director General

“I am delighted to learn that our collaborative partnership has already generated a range of real benefits…As well as delivering impressive financial savings, you have helped the Home Office reduce carbon emissions and played your part in helping us deliver our greening government commitments.” Dame Helen Ghosh DCB Permanent Secretary of the Home Office

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